Blog Writing Software: Live Writer vs Word 2007 or Google Writer ?

I usually don’t use Wordpress’ “write post” page to write blog entries unless I am using linux. Although there are some web clients as well, it is not better than wordpress’ post screen. I was using Windows Live Writer but nowadays I have switched to Word 2007 to post blogs. First of all, Word 2007 offers a reach interface comparing to Windows Live Writer. On the other hand Live Writer’s plugin support is better than Word’s; however I don’t use any plugin for the user interface. Second, Windows Live Writer is so slow to start and work. Windows Live Writer is not as good at formatting html as Word 2007 does. With Word 2007 you have the benefits of the rich platform, especially if you have a document written in word, it is easy to post it.

I am surprised with the support of many blog platforms, including wordpress of course.


You are able to use existing documents to format your post and the interface is nice to use for formatting the post. sshot-26.png sshot-27.png