Internet with GPRS over Bluetooth using Window Vista

Finally I moved, but I have a little problem “no internet connection”.

Let’s agree that we are addicted to online world (at least I am). It has been 2 days I haven’t got the connection. I was using my phone to check mails and than realised to use with my laptop. So I set up a GPRS connection over Bluetooth from my laptop using my phone.

I set the browsers not to download images and e-mail clients to download only the headers of the mails to save some bytes.

Thanks to Windows Vista for making the Bluetooth connection that simple. I remember old days for finding the modem drivers for my phone and dial a *#1 combination to connect to the Internet. Now in a single window, I am on the internet.

First add your device to Bluetooth devices, than connect and handshake with your phone using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Devices

Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections; you will see Personal Area Network.

Network Connections

Open its properties and “Connect”.

Bluetooth Connect


Bluetooth Status